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Giant believes strongly in hiring and recruiting individuals who are searching for more than just a job. We are interested in those who are looking for a career. Our qualifications vary from one position to the next, but there are some trademark characteristics that we look for in all of our employees. These characteristics include professional, motivated, enthusiastic initiators that are always trying to do better than what they are given or what is asked.

Diversity is an aspect of our workforce that we feel exemplifies our makeup and promotes our cohesiveness to function to our utmost capabilities. Any applicant that we consider to join our family is someone who we believe has something to offer our company and this industry. We expect our employees to perform to their highest capabilities and we will insist that they give no less.

If you are interested in any of the career opportunities we have listed below, please email your resume, along with a cover letter, to the email address next to the job description.
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