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Oil World
Chevron® is composed of a conglomerate of companies that caters to the advancement of the petroleum industry.  They are the second largest oil company in the U.S. and among the top five oil companies world-wide.  Their commitment to the industry includes the normal components: production & exploration, manufacturing, marketing and transportation; but it also extends beyond - to other areas such as chemical production, mining, and energy research and solutions.  Their company is continuously expanding their vision and provides business and solutions to over 100 countries.
CHEVRON® - The Power of Human Energy
Giant has just recently embarked upon our journey with Chevron®.  We believe this power move will mean great growth to our company as well as advance the Chevron® Brand.  Our commitment to Chevron® is deep-rooted and we feel that this partnership will bring success and benefit to all of our customers, clients, and consumers alike.  The power behind the name and the standard of success that exudes from this company is undeniable, which is why Giant pursued this opportunity.

Visit Chevron's® website to learn more about their company and their business: