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Oil World

Our service production is multifaceted to address each individual's petroleum needs. As a petroleum jobber, we have programs specifically designed to fit the needs of customers within our industry.  With our expertise, brand partnerships and flexible business opportunity programs, we can offer a variety of services to meet your needs:
Commission Marketers
Wholesale Gas Dealers
Company Operated Stores

Commission Marketers
Our commission marketers program allows individuals to purchase existingClerk convenience store businesses. Giant offers competitive commission rates as well as image incentives. Our commission marketers are proud business owners and responsible retailers. If owning and operating a convenience store is the right business for you, please contact our Real Estate Department for a listing of available properties and to begin the approval process.
To see if we have any sites available for you to own and operate your own business,
click here.

From time to time, we also provide contacts to some of our current commission marketers who are interested in selling their business.  To learn more about our commission marketers or for more information, click here.
Wholesale Gas Dealers
Gas StationAs a wholesale distributor, Giant is able to offer a variety of brands and competitive pricing to our customers. With our direct connection to several brand names including, BP, Chevron, and Marathon, we have a complete selection of offerings to provide you, the dealer, with quality products. Please contact our Marketing Department to discuss your options concerning opening a wholesale gas account.
Company Operated StoresCustomer
Giant believes in building business one happy customer at a time.  Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.  We take great care in understanding consumer needs to ensure we are providing the products and services that are in demand. 
The availability of our company operated stores change from time to time.
If you are interested to see if there are any stores currently available,
please visit the Real Estate tab for more info.