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We believe that training is essential in maintaining a good reputation and keeping a safe working environment for our employees, customers and consumers.  We strive to make sure that each individual has the skills to handle any emergency and to ensure that all situations are responded to and resolved with the utmost care.

TrainingIn addition to the training that each business owner receives when they decide to lease one of our locations, they are also required to watch and complete the video training program.  This comprehensive training provides a broad view and understanding of underground storage tank operations at gas stations.

CLICK HERE to view the training course.  This training is for clients only. You can get the login to access the page by logging into your account. The login and password will be available on the message board. Once you have seen the video, you will be required to complete a small questionnaire concerning the video. Once we have verified that you have passed the questionnaire, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of the required training.